Collection: Bomber Cups

With the emergence of all the new \'energy drink\' shots, this reusable BOMBER CUP is exactly what is needed! The BOMBER CUP is a patented two chamber cup that separates the two beverages until you tilt it up and enjoy your shot. With the BOMBER CUP you do not need to worry about over pouring, therefore keeping every drinks taste consistent and saving money on liquor due to incorrect mixing.

The BOMBER CUP is perfect for: Jager Bombs - Berry Bombs - Tick Tacks - Melon Bombs - Cherry Bombs. Also known as bomb cup, bomb shots, bomber cups, car bombs, shooters, jager bomb cups, yager bomber cups, bomb, plastic bomb cups, cup in cup, shot cup, power bomb, double bubble, shot bombs, fun shot cups, fun shot glasses, shot drop, ultimate bomb, ultimate bomber cup, plastic shooter cups. Made in USA.